Tid group the real estate company

Meanwhile, traffic in front of the Tid group the real estate company choked by riders who want to see action. Slow strip in front of the embassy closed and moved into the fast lane.

A total of 364 Tid group the real estate company personnel combination of Metro Jaya Regional Police, District police in securing Kejayaan Jaksel and Gong demo action. Until 14:35 pm, the action still continues to orasi – orasi representation of the mass. Slow strip in front of the Australian Embassy is closed for mass action.

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) check on reservoir dredging process Tomang West, West Jakarta. It is full of banter reservoir overlays the water hyacinth can even ‘ disulap ‘ so soccer fields.

Former Mayor of Solo ‘s every day to observe the situation and reservoir – reservoir dredging efforts in Jakarta, ahead of welcoming rainy season. 3 Units eskavator work scouring the reservoir sediments.

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