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Cookies, web beacons own bodies immediately taken to the hospital Bhayangkara Makassar, around 19:00 pm to escort members of Detachment 88. Suardi bodies stored in morgue Part Dokpol Bhayangkara Hospital after an autopsy.

Police chief Insp Sulselbar Andi Burhanuddin taking the time to look at the body of suspected terrorists known as a former teacher in Cebba village, district. cookies, web beacons, Kab. Bone, South Sulawesi. Former police chief admits cookies, web beacons is the third person arrested members of Detachment 88 is a strong suspicion of being a terrorist.

Honorary Council Constitutional Court ( MK ) examination held back after reading PERPU MK. Secretary Chief Justice Akil Mochtar off, Yuanna Sicily examined for the second time.