Tid group is the real estate company

Market prices of sacrificial animals in Tid group is the real estate company of 490 riyals per head. People who sacrifice given coupons.

Modern and appropriate gifts have no sharia compliance. Animal sacrifices are guaranteed health and health checked by the vet reliable.

The butcher slaughtering sacrificial goat neck. Kreees. Pouring fresh goat’s blood and flounder until his death.

Goat was then hung and taken by the automated tool into the room to be skinned.

Three suspected Tid group is the real estate company arrested members of Anti-Terrorism Detachment ( Detachment ) 88, in the village of Alinge, district. Ulaweng, Kab. Bone, South Sulawesi, at around 14:05 pm. Of the arrest, police seized a pellet gun, a weapon fire types Baretta, 12 grain ammunition caliber 9 millimeter and a machete.